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  APM does not want to get left behind. The only option is aiming to find new challenges. Horizons that will lead us be better as a company in service. If we get renewed, we build the best path to move forward. We follow the way to the evolution though the darkness of future. That is what we have chosen. Industrial Tecnhology.  
  3 decades developing industrial technology bring us the knowledge on industry needs. We also understand what these companies require about the information that is being build in the inside. We are specialists on industrial assessment. It is our aim, our essence. We have built it and defined it through all these years. It has not been easy, we are proud of it.

  We got defined by a philosophy that does not care about barries. We are really aware of how the market is expanding such in a speed that is so difficult to accept. Our techonoly lets us be a part of this global transition. Our growth permits us each single customer feel closer to APM. It is only this way, that is possible a close face to face dealing. At all time.

  Being someone in the world of business technology is not easy task. We aim to be loyal the our principals such as being closer to our customers. That is a key note for the future in time. We have created a structure that permits us to be near the companies, near our customers. Although evolution moves on, being near our clients is essential.  
  The long professional career we have developed has given us the knoeledge to be able to work within industrial companies from a wide range of sectors. We have been aside the production plants from our beginning, ready to approach our customers to the business technology. That is noticeable in our products.  
  We have it clear. Being the manufacturers and the developers of the product is vital. We do not re-sell, distribute or represent nothing that has not been made by us. Only that way we can see the excellence in the control and the service of our products and projects. ERP technology is enough complex as itself not to be the owner of it.  
  At APM we define ourselves as a company that offers all the service that your company requeries. And in a out-sourced way. More transparent. More economically efficent and more as a collaborator. Coming from the outside, we can approach your company to a new point of view for your management. Without being a part of it.  
  Being able to know that well is an advantage. We aim to know how you work, who you are. That is how we succed on oferring your company solutions that are really necessary and useful. We come from the outside, but we live it as if we were in the inside of it. The best of being a part of it, without belonging to.  
  The Magic Word. KNOW HOW. For us, it is easy: we are the manufacturers of the products and we have been 30 years being so. Our customers sheet brings us solid principles and stability in the market. We fight everyday to be near them. We have the economic basis and human resources in constant trainning.  
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