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The stages of management in the projects are fundamental for APM to decide the king of technology to choose for working. The operative processes are the most important ones for the ERP platform. In the strategic processes of the company, the technology we offer is quite different. THE VFM is the consolidation of more than 35 years in the making of business indexator data for the managers and directors.
Conceived and something unseen before in the pland of managing technology, THE VFM aims to approach the directors of the companies such in a intuitive, ergonomic and fastly way and become real decision-takers as they get the information about the state of their business. Indicators, statistic values, creation of 100% customised escenarios to show the information on-screen, these are some of the works we have done through this projects. And the most important aspect of it, THE VFM is designed to get totally fit to our ERP OUI! technology. 100% Intgeration, again.
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