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  Since 2002, our mission has been to integrate usefully business management technology for those who spend no time infront of the computer. The area of marketing and sales iss based on that goal. We have designed projects to enable access to customers data through a CRM Web version. This is anywhere working.  
  We have worked on projects based on improving the performance of industrial continuous processes. The client is concerned about the degree of efficiency in their machines, the capability and the performance. At APM, we know how to communicate with a machine and how to link with our ERP technology. Without interfaces  
  We feel very close to companies. Part of our technology comes from the management of people. Therefore we offer you technology to manage the human resource personnel, platforms to overview each worker status and a comprehensive monitoring section of staff (hours, shifts, holidays) and so on.  
  We believe in a full integration. Logistic coordination is becoming vital in companies. Just from the procurement, the status-knowing stock of the company, the whole of shipments and inventory management at a real time. This has to be experienced this way. APM makes it possible.  
  For some specific sectors monitoring is essential. We have designed a technology ready to identify each product and its traceability. We are not afraid of the complexity of this operations and we have the technology to manage it, already knowing each customer has specific requirements.  
  We have carried out projects based on the automation of barriers and gates. In this way we help our clients further more to integrate all areas of the company. Access to certain sites of the company, intelligent identification to validate your access or opening doors are some of the examples.  
  One of the mainstream concernings these companies is the ability to manage technology to adapt the specifications. We guarantee you that this risk is more an urban legend than a reality. In more than 30 years, we have worked in the industry and for sectors with constant challenges. And here we are, fighting over it.  
  There is no other way to survive than to adapt the maximum our customer needs. There are certain sectors and companies where this is vital. The world of furniture and management in projects are clear examples: they must be robust when making products on small scale and within high adaptability. Be profitable with very specific processes.  
  For some customers, we have become a partner to be reckoned for some certain business decisions and projects under the management approach. We have resources to assist in decision making at the enterprise level on different aspects: Growth, Solvency, Product Diversification, Exporting and Costing.  
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