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  if you need to get in touch with us because you find yourself in Catalonia, Andorra, Balearic Islands or Valencia, you can do it trough our telephone number above of filling in the form. You can also have access to our email: comercial@apm.es  
  For those companies based on the Aragon zone, you have a sales APM departament available at CUARTE city. There they will assist you for anyhting you require. A part, you can fill in the form o call us, or even send us an email at: apm.as@apm.es  
  If you company is located at Basque Contry of Navarra, APM EGUNEA is the company of our group you can contact to present our products and services. Get in contacto with us through our telephone line, filling the form by clicking here, or otherwise you can send us an email apm@apm-e.com  
  If Galician Country of Portugal are your zone, get in contact with the APM MT team located at O PORRIÑO to assist you on any commercial action. A part from the telephone of the form we give you to fill in, you can get in touch sending us an email: management.tools@apm.es  
  Locate us anywhere you are. We are concerned about the distance between us, but not the phisycal one, such as where the APM team is. Being far is not important. We want to share the industrial business project you have in mind with you. A project implies people, technics, business and global vision: a world makes sense when united.  
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